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    Podstawą w każdej dziedzinie sportu jest trening. W dziale wszystko na temat treningów i ćwiczeń, dowiesz się jak poprawnie trenować aby nie nabawić się kontuzji oraz osiągnąć założony cel.

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    night emissions

    Postprzez DMT » 10 Styczeń 2018, o 03:06

    Summer’s almost here which means fun in the sun. It’ll be time to bring out the surfboards and head to the beach. But for those not in the know yet eager to see what the fuss about surfing’s all about , it’s necessary to get a quick lesson in surfboards.

    The reason for different types of surfboards is because there are different types of surfers and waves. Some are content with paddling while others love the rush of surfing over tricky sections of waves. Some boards are also more suited to beginners.

    Longboard: This is a traditional board and one of the oldest. As the name implies, it’s long and can touch lengths of 12 feet. It’s also a lot wider and thicker which gives it plenty of stability so beginners find it easier to master.

    The extra volume means it’s easy to paddle and catch waves. In the right hands, surfing becomes very fluid. Beginners should start with this board and move on to others once mastered.

    Shortboard: Where a longboard is easy to surf, a shortboard is used only by advanced surfers. Length doesn’t usually exceed 7 feet. It’s distinguishable by its sharp nose and rounded square tail. Unlike the longboard which is heavier this is light to allow for quick changes in movement especially when surfing difficult areas of waves.

    Fish: The fish surfboard is shorter than a shortboard, has a swallow tail and is wider. It’s great for small to medium waves where it maintains speed and allows surfers to paddle well. It’s a misconception that the fish is an easy board for beginners to ride but it isn’t true. It’s best for more advanced surfers as the higher speed makes it difficult to handle.

    Funboard: The funboard shares similarities with the longboard in terms of length and ease of learning. It’s popular with beginners where standing up, turning and catching waves is simpler. If you love the lighter weight compared to that of a longboard, choose this.

    Gun: Designed for big waves, the gun is normally used by more experienced surfers because although it’s longer than a shortboard which appear to make it easier to ride, catching fast-moving waves is not simpler. Big drops and handling high speeds are also to be expected so it’s not advisable starting out with guns.

    Hybrid: The hybrid doesn’t follow one design; it borrows styles from different types of boards. It may have the nose and length of a shortboardand the tail of a fish to increase stability. Incidentally, this combination is the most popular. If it appeals to you, try it out once you’re comfortable on a longboard.

    Bodyboard: If you love the water but don’t like to surf, a bodyboard is perfect. You lie on rather than stand on it and paddle. Because it’s small – and rectangular so there’s no real speed – bodyboards are safe and plenty of fun especially for children. In fact, the whole family can enjoy a day out at the beach bodyboarding.

    Surfboard shops are the best places to seek more advice on what type of board to choose depending on what type of wave you want to surf, your experience level etc. You also get a close-up look at what each board looks like and how it feels. Most shops custom design decals too so you can get personalised boards.
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